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GPS car monitoring as a one times investment
(without additional payments and invoices)

GPS tracker VT600 + data services DATAEU LifeTime ..........  280 € (ext. VAT)

DATAEU LifeTime - single payment for data services within the EU, Norway and Switzerland (EU). If You buy our devices VT600 with our service DATAEU LifeTime, You get GPS monitoring your car in the EU and Log book without any additional fees and invoices.  Monitoring of vehicles outside the EU is charged separately in the price of € 0.80 / day outside the EU. We consider day outside the EU each calendar day where the vehicle is outside the EU, regardless of the length of the trip.
Price not include installation device VT600 to the vehicle.


GPS car monitoring as regularly charged service

GPS tracker VT600 + data services DATAEU for the first year of operation ........ 120 € (ext. VAT)
subscription for data services DATAEU after the end of the first year ..........  60 € / year
(ext. VAT)


GPS tracker VT600 is designed to monitor all types of cars, agricultural and building vehicles with a supply voltage range 10-36 V. The device includes internal memory 8MB and backup battery. For communication with our servers with GPS tracker we use mobile internet network. All components for communication with our servers (include our SIM) are already installed.
74mm x 80.5mm x 21.2mm




wire color




(+) DC Input voltage: 10.6V~36V (12V)

GND black (-) Ground
IN3 white (ACC) ignition detection
10.6V~36V ignition ON / 0V ignition OFF


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